Best Apple Watch apps 2020

Apple Watch apps 2020: do more with your smartwatch

The Apple Watch profits from a range of bumper applications providing an impressive variety of functionality outside the regular interface of watch OS.
The Apple Watch is the strongest smartwatch when it comes to third-party devices, from specialized sports monitoring to wrist-based variations to your popular travel, navigation and productivity software. And now, with the on-watch App Store releasing with the watch OS 6 update, Apple has made things much simpler.

How to install and delete apps on your Apple Watch?

Having apps on and off your Apple Watch is simple-once you learn how

Your Apple Watch has thousands of apps that you can add to. In Best Apple Watch apps 2020, we list our favourites: Do something with your smartwatch.

But how do you first get new applications on to your Apple Watch? And how do you keep track of the ones you instal and manage?Our tips show how, using your iPhone or just your Apple Watch.

How to install Apple Watch apps?

To install new apps using only your Apple Watch:

  • Open your Apple Watch app on the App Store.
  • Choose a featured app or use ‘Scan’ to look for something unique.
  • Tap the download icon (for apps already in your possession), ‘Get’ (for free downloads) or the price.
  • Confirm / pay for new applications by double-clicking on the side icon.

Alternatively, use your iPhone:

  • Open the app Watch.
  • Tap ‘Discover Watch Apps on iPhone’ and select the ‘App Store’ tab.
  • Install the apps in the normal way on your iPhone.

How to manage Apple Watch apps

To remove apps using only your Apple Watch:

  • Tap on Digital Crown to show the features. 
  • When using Grid View (honeycomb pattern), tap the screen gently until the icons wobble, then press the cross button of an application to delete it. Confirm, on request. 
  • Swipe left over an item in the List View, tap the red delete button and confirm on request.

Again, you can use your iPhone instead – which is useful if you’ve lots of apps installed.

  • Select on the ‘My Watch’ tab in the Watch app.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Apps available’ and tap ‘Install’ next to any app you want to add.
  • To remove it, select any app from the ‘Installed on Apple Watch’ list, and untick ‘Show App on Apple Watch.’

The 10 best essential Apple Watch apps

Not sure which software to try first? Starting this selection and you can not go wrong.

  1. Streaks Workout ($3.99) – A home fitness app that allows you to move without a kit.
  2. Cheatsheet Notes (free + $4.99 IAP) – Notes and codes of vital importance, always available at a glance
  3. WorkOutDoors ($5.99) – A hint of the future, right on your wrist with advanced mapping
  4. Strava (free) – Fitness app champion, designed for serious runners / cyclists
  5. Citymapper (free) – The best way to get from one place to another in a strange city
  6. Night sky (free) – Virtual heavens entertainingly ambitious on your wrist.
  7. BFT – Bear Focus Timer ($1.99)-This work / break timer keeps you productive all day long.
  8. Hole19 (free + IAP) – A friend of the golfer, with routing, stats, and score logging
  9. MultiTimer (free or $5.99) – The perfect app for a single countdown timer.
  10. Carrot Weather ($4.99 + IAP)-snark weather, smart weather and complicated boatload

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