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Third party App Store exposure

Consider the threats that come with applications from third-party app stores being downloaded. What would you like to avoid? Downloading a software programme that infects your smartphone or tablet with malicious software from a third party app store. Anyone with any malware could be able to access your computer. This will give your addresses, passwords Read more about Third party App Store exposure[…]

What are cyberbullying and the warning signs?

Cyberbullying and the Warning signs Socializing online has both positive and negative sides of this. Web and social media networks are continuing to expand as we communicate and bring those conveniences into our lives, but they can also expose us to new risks. Cyberbullying is one example which can have detrimental effects on youth. And Read more about What are cyberbullying and the warning signs?[…]

General Software Updates and Patches Importance

Step for software Updates and Patches Those little pop-up windows are certainly no stranger to you. It states that software updates and patches are available for tablets, mobile devices, computers, or laptops. Clicking on the “Remind me later” button could be tempting. Do it not. Or at least don’t put off the long-term upgrading of Read more about General Software Updates and Patches Importance[…]

Best Apple Watch apps 2020

Apple Watch apps 2020: do more with your smartwatch The Apple Watch profits from a range of bumper applications providing an impressive variety of functionality outside the regular interface of watch OS.The Apple Watch is the strongest smartwatch when it comes to third-party devices, from specialized sports monitoring to wrist-based variations to your popular travel, Read more about Best Apple Watch apps 2020[…]