Can hack the election?

The protection of electronic voting machines was the subject of criticism, just before U.S. presidential elections in November. Are they safe? Sure they are anonymous? And if the answer is yes, then how do we know that? A technology expert at Symantec recently showed just what a motivated hacker would do to undermine the election by hacking an electronic voting system.

Can Election Hackers Hack?

At this year’s Black Hat convention, Symantec’s Brian Varner showed a security loophole in an electronic voting system, and an elector would use the smart card to bring their vote in. Using a small device to exploit this vulnerability may potentially result in a hacker casting multiple votes, interfering with system. This concerns as five countries (Georgia, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and New Jersey) are using it.

Other questions about cybersecurity

Another issue about cyberspace calls into question the security of the database of elections and the data of voters. According to several news outlets, officials recently reported that Arizona and Illinois’ state election databases were hacked, and security breach inquiries are ongoing.

Other cyber criminals have an growing interest in spreading malicious spam in US elections. A click through storey involving presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is used to spread malware in a spam email campaign. In a blog post detailing this malicious spam campaign, Norton security expert Satnam Narang wrote that people should refer to the November election campaign, take precautions when receiving sensational material of some kind. “We urge all to keep an eye out for suspicious emails that may be used as presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, with less than 90 days before election day. When Americans ask for election-related news, only visit credible news websites and stop unnecessary emails opening up.

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