General Software Updates and Patches Importance

Step for software Updates and Patches

Those little pop-up windows are certainly no stranger to you. It states that software updates and patches are available for tablets, mobile devices, computers, or laptops.

Clicking on the “Remind me later” button could be tempting. Do it not. Or at least don’t put off the long-term upgrading of your apps.

Why do software updates matter this much? Here are 5 which show why frequent updating of software is necessary.

Software updates do a lot of work

Updates to the app provide many advantages. All is about updates. That may involve addressing found security holes, and fixing or eliminating programme bugs. Updates will add new functionality to your devices and remove outdated ones.

Updates help patch security flaws

Hackers are fond of security bugs, also known as vulnerabilities in software. A software vulnerability is a security hole or weakness found in an operating system or software programme. Hackers can exploit the weakness by writing code that targets the vulnerability. It bundles the code into malware.

The malware can steal your device’s saved data or allow the attacker to gain control over your computer and encrypt your files.

Updates to the programme also require patching tools. They are shielding the gaps in defence to keep hackers out.

Software updates help protect your data

Possibly you keep a lot of records on your computers and personal information. Your personally identifying information — from passwords to information about bank accounts — is of value to cyber criminals.

They can use it in your name to commit crimes or sell it on the dark web to encourage others to commit crimes. If it’s an attack against ransomware, they might encrypt your files.To get it back you would need to pay a ransom for an encryption key. Or, worse, you could be paying a ransom and not getting it back.

Updating the operating systems and applications helps to keep the hackers out.

It’s not all about you

Cyber security is all about you, but you have to worry about other people, too. If your computer is infected with a virus you can pass it on to your friends, family and business partners. That is why you want to keep upgrading your apps and systems.

A trusted protection programme like Norton 360TM could help to keep your devices protected. And all those people you connect with online will theoretically benefit. But learning anti-virus security isn’t enough to defend your gadgets from cyber attacks, too.

You deserve the latest and greatest

Not only can patches fix security holes but they can also add new functionality. Very nice software updates. Software programme could get a new stability shot — no more crashing. Or an upgrade could improve performance of the programme — more time.

You might ignore those reminders to upgrade your apps, but there’s a lot you might miss, starting with your cyber security.

One more option? If you still don’t want to press “Download now,” you may be able to automatically configure your devices to upgrade. If so, that solves your dilemma.

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